Download Periscope for PC – Free Method (2018 Update)

download Periscope for pc

How will you come to know what is happening around the world?

Of course, many of you will say through the newspaper, television, etc. But thanks to the computer geeks Beykpour and Bernstein now you can do so through your cell phone and computers.

Periscope is an extraordinary app which allows one to broadcast the videos in a way that it provides an impetus to stream live videos to anyone whomsoever one wants to. This app is a trademark of Twitter Inc.

Though this app was not developed for PC.

But wait!!

You can do some few technical adjustments so that you can enjoy this app on your PC. In this article, we are going to talk about how to download periscope for PC.

But first, let’s talk about some

Features of Periscope:

Download periscope

Periscope has taken the sharing and streaming video to another level. It comes with a wide range of features like:

  • It allows one to broadcast live videos.It permits one to interact with people through heartfelt comments.
  • With this app, you can discover popular live video streams from around the world.
  • Searching for broadcasts by location or topic is just a click away with this app.
  • It comes with replay highlights feature.So you can watch a missed live video again in the form of highlights.
  • If you are Twitterati then it’s a boon for you as you can share your videos with others.
  • It even allows you to broadcast the videos privately to specific followers or friends.
  • Even a 12+ guy or gal can use it and the best thing it is available for free.

periscope for pc

Guide to Download Periscope for PC

Though this app is not for PC but by simple tricks you can easily download it. The following is the method for downloading Periscope on PC as well as MAC.

  1. First of all download the android emulator software Bluestacks in your PC and Laptop.
  2. So as to know how to download Bluestacks refer to the article BLUESTACKS FOR PC.
  3. After downloading Bluestacks you need to start the installation process of Bluestacks. For this just click on the installer file, you downloaded.
  4. Once the download process completes, open Google Play Store.
  5. Now search Periscope App from the search bar and click the install button to install.
  6. When you will search Periscope, you will see an icon like the one shown above.
  7. Just click on the install button and it will be downloaded within a short time depending on the speed of your net.
  8. You will get the periscope apk file.
  9. Just open it with bluestacks.
  10. This is it. Now you can play Periscope app on the PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Start a Live Broadcast on Periscope?

  1. After you have created an account, just open the Broadcast by tapping on the Camera icon at the bottom center of your screen.
  2. Now enter a title that describes your broadcast
  3. Here you’ll have the option to manage your location settings.
  4. From this button, you can make your broadcast private and tweet your live stream via the ‘Start Broadcast’ button.
  5. Now just tap on ‘Start Broadcast.’

How to Find people on the Periscope for PC and follow them?

  1. First of all, tap the People Tab to find a list of suggested users to follow.
  2. In order to find specific people first tap on people’s tab, then tap the magnifying glass icon on the top left. At last enter the names in the search bar.
  3. Now to follow anyone taps the ’+’ icon.
  4. In case you follow someone, you will be invited to join their public broadcasts via push notifications.

How to Create an account on Periscope?

periscope login for pc

  1. First of all, login periscope using your Twitter credentials.
  2. Your Twitter profile picture and bio will migrate over to your Periscope account, and a list of suggested followers based on who you follow on Twitter will appear.
  3. Now, enter your name and choose a Periscope username.
  4. This can be different from your current Twitter username or may be same as that.
  5. Your bio information transfers over from Twitter.
  6. You can always edit it in your Periscope profile.

This is all about the superbly amazing periscope for PC. Now just download it and get a telescope to the world through your periscope.

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